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New location, larger space!
Bigfork, Montana

carved wooden totem pole


Below: Teepee light fixture made from metal and rawhide.

Teepee light fixture


Detail of rider's face

Above detail of rider's head shows hair made from steel cable, and beard with hundreds of individual hair pieces laid
on and welded over 3/16" sheet metal. The feather on the hat is made from a single piece of angle iron with each
hair a separate weld. The head along weighs over 65 lbs.


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Al Derber next to bird sculpture



Thank you for your business in the past few years. We are looking forward to serving your ornamental iron needs. Thanks to you and many others like you, we quickly ran out of space in our shop at Montana Artisan Center. The new Great Bear Metals shop is located on Highway 83, just a block south of the fire station in Ferndale. Visit us at our new location and see some work in progress. We can help you express your style with an original ornamental metal piece to enhance your home.

Thank you for your support.

- Alan Derber
Great Bear Metals

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P.O. Box 704
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Mountain Man sculpture

Mountain Man sculpture, twice life size, is currently on display at Grizzly Jack's in Big Fork, Montana. The sculpture, with historically accurate details, embodies the spirit of the mountain man character who was an early explorer, trader, trapper and wilderness survivor in the Rocky Mountains.

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